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Lawn care maintenance, throughout the Columbus area, is one of our specialties at Outdoor Makeovers. Our company is mowing down the competition in Worthington, Dublin, Hilliard and New Albany. We know that professional yard maintenance requires much more than just cutting grass and mulching. We cover it all, including:

  • Weekly lawn mowing
  • Pruning of trees and bushes
  • Maintaining and repairing irrigation systems
  • Thorough aeration and weeding
Lawn Mowing Pruning Mowing Irrigation Systems

Applying proper aeration is another important practice that consists of aerating the soil with small holes. This removes cores of soil and grass, allowing water from irrigation systems and air to get closer to the roots. This enables them to grow more deeply, producing a robust look after mulching and cutting grass. Although the pruning of trees and shrubs is done less frequently, it sharpens the yards look after lawn mowing.

Home owners envy the neighbors with the deep green lawn that looks more like plush carpet than blades of grass. It makes most passers-by do a double take, as they ponder what kind of lawn care secrets are behind the beauty. In fact, it includes regular lawn mowing and the art of pruning. Mowing is supplemented by irrigation systems, aeration and weeding. Understanding the complexity of professional yard maintenance is our business, and we go the extra mile past the simple act of cutting grass and mulching.

For top of the line lawn care and lawn mowing services, Outdoor Makeovers is the best in the business! Now, you can have all of your pruning and mowing needs met without lifting a finger. Allowing us to deal with irrigation systems, aeration procedures, weeding, cutting grass and mulching is all you need for your yard to be the envy of the neighborhood. Our professionals have the knowledge, techniques and customer service skills to ease the yard maintenance process. Call us anytime!

Outdoor Makeovers proudly services the following Ohio cities:

  • Dublin
  • Grandview
  • Upper Arlington
  • Hilliard
  • Columbus
  • Westerville
  • Lewis Center
  • Plain City
  • Grove City
  • Worthington
  • Galena
  • Delaware
  • Powell
  • Gahanna
  • Pickerington
  • New Albany
  • Johnstown
  • Marysville